Accidents & Safety Reports

Diving accidents and diving safety reports

Occupational diving is recognised as a high risk activity, but thankfully is in practice a very safe undertaking with a very low injury and/or fatality rate. This is due to the high standard of training and assessment of occupational divers and the relatively strict regulation of the industry. Accidents involving divers do happen, though, and we can all learn lessons from these unfortunate events.

An article from "Underwater Magazine" "A Tragedy in Central Washington" (DOC 61 K) 1997

A reprise from "Underwater Magazine" "Troubled Waters" (DOC 88 K) 1998

Canadian wild catch-diver death - employer charged (DOC 28 K) 2003

Canadian fish farm-diver - employer charged (DOC 26 K) 2003

Divers foot stuck in 10 inch pipe (India) pdf 2009

A story telling why the Deepwater Horizon oil rig did not weathered the blowout in the Gulf (NY Times) 2010













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